Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Comfort Zone

"Move out of your comfort zone. You can only Grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new"

Brian Tracy

This past few days i am planning to moved out in my work as a Public Health Nurse, i want o venture a new field, new people, new place, new working area that's why i go to Makati once in a while this past few days, to look for a job. any jobs that i know i can handle and gives me a challenging role and to get ou of my comfort zone.

I received an email from a company, and it says You have 1 new interview request from our company, be there at 9:00 am and bring 2 resume. And they also give me a map where to find thier company. Because im from Bataan i wake up early to go to Makati.

Nang makarating ako sa Manila, sumakay ako ng MRT para makarating sa Magallanes Station. at nakupo grabe pala kung magsiksikan ang mga tao dito para lang makasakay ng MRT. Siyempre hindi ako nagpatalo sa siksikan pinilit kong isiksik ang aking sarili sa loob ng MRT. Iba ibang klase ng tao sa loob ng MRT, ang nakakatuwa pa dito, dahil sa dami ng tao sa loob at siksikan, ang mga pasahero na dapat bumaba sa dapat nilang babaan ay hindi nakakababa at ayun napupunta sa kabilang istasyon hehehehe. Nang makarating ako sa Magallanes Station, dahil sa hindi ko alam ang papunta sa Company na iyun ako ay nag taxi para hindi ako mahirapan. Nang makarating ako sa Company na dapat kong puntaha, ang lintik english speaking area pala dun. Siyempre pinagana ko ang utak kong punong puno ng talaba, kalawang at hangin.

Makalipas ang ilang minutong pag hihintay tinawag na aking pangalan para interbyuhin. Patay eto na gagamitin ko na din sa wakas ang utak kong punong puno na talaba, lakawang at hangin. bahala na si Batman.

Sa dami ng tanong na itinanong sakin sa isang tanong ako nagseryoso hehehehe.

Why do you want to work here in our company? hala ano kaya ang sasagutin ko at dapat english and sasabihin ko. ( saakin na lang kung ano yung sinagot ko hehehehe) pero it has something to do with the COMFORT ZONE aspect.

And after that interview i search on the internet if tama ba ang sinagot ko about comfort zone concept.

Expand Your Comfort Zone

From a psychological standpoint your comfort zone is an artificial mental boundary within which you maintain a sense of security and out of which you experience great discomfort.

When you are in an uncomfortable situation, or one that doesn't fit your expectations, you usually do whatever you can to make yourself comfortable again.

For many people, even if they are unhappy or unfulfilled, their natural inclination is to stay within the comfort zone simply because it is familiar and safe. Many stay in jobs, relationships, and situations that have long since lost their relevance only because they are afraid of the unknown. The truth is that security does not reside in anything outside of ourselves; instead, it lies within us.

Unfortunately, if you choose to remain in your comfort zone you will never find out what your true potential is or what you are capable of achieving. Nor can you really succeed at anything without venturing out of the comfort of your safety net.

If, however, you make the decision to move beyond the circumstances, people, and experiences you are familiar with, you move out of your comfort zone and onto the path of personal development. It is a path that forces you to stretch yourself, push your limits and become more than you were.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Little Daddy

I remember this news (A 13-YEAR-OLD boy has become a father in Britain) while i was sitting on the couch imagining my life 5 years from now. Lots of things are wrestling in my mind, it came to a point that i thought of having a family( a wife and a childrens).

these are the things that runs in my mind regarding the news:

*O my god the boy look innocent!!
*look at that little boy !!!!! he is sooo small i cant even say anything !!! just that the little boy is confused.
*The boy looks 8, and he dosn't look upset by the situation at all !he looks really young.
*Yes, its true that they done something wrong, but please lets not judge the kids because they made a mistake. Lets not forget that every baby in this world is a Gods gift for every family.


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