Tuesday, July 24, 2012

May Oras Pa

               Kailangan na siguro at panahon na na bitawan ang mga bagay na nagpapabigat sa iyo, mga kaibigan na hindi maganda ang impluwensya, ang salita na laging lumalabas sa mga labi mo, ang pag iisip ng di kaaya aya at higit sa lahat ang mga bagay na dati mo naming hindi ginagawa pero mag mula ng na subukan mo eh di ka na bumitiw.

               Ang bagay na ito ang unti unting sumisira sayo buong pag katao mo, oo nag bibigay sa iyo ng kasiyahan ang mga bagay na ito pero hanggang kailan iikot ang mundo mo sa mga bagay na unti unting sisira sayo, hindi man sa ngayon pero darating ang araw na kahit ikaw iba na din ang tingin mo sa sarili mo.

               Gusto mo bang dumating sa punto na pag tingin mo sa salamin kahit ikaw pakiramdam mo malayong malayo na ang tunay na ikaw sa kung ano ka ngayon, ni hindi mo na alam kung sino ka na nga ba dati, subukan mong titigan ang sarili mo sa salamin at makikita mo ang tunay na ikaw, hindi mo mamamalyan unti-unting papatak ang mga luha mo, dahil may isang boses na nag sasabing “sana bumalik ka na sa dati, ang totoong ikaw”.

               Minsan ang munting tinig na ito ay hindi natin binibigyang pansin dahil sa nakatoon ang ating buong pandinig sa mga bagay na unti unting lumalason sa buo nating pag katao na magbibigay daan na lalo nating talikuran ang dating ikaw.

               “Hindi na nga siguro babalik ang dating ako, wala na akong magagawa eto na ako eh” napakasakit madining ang mga bagay na ito sa sarili mong mga labi, sana hindi dumating sa punto na masasabi sa iyo yan, nawa ay hindi.

               Pero pero pero bakit nga ba hindi mo subukang ibalik ang dati? Ang dating ikaw na simple at Masaya sa mga bagay na kung anong meron ka. Hindi mo kaya? Sinong may sabi? Inuulit ko KAYA mo maniwala ka, magtiwala ka sa sarili mo. Hindi nga siguro ganoon kadali na talikuran ang mga bagay na nakagawian mo. Pero pumili ka isang buhay na puno ng bigatin, lungkot at pagpapanggap sa harap ng tao o simpleng buhay na kung saan totoong kagalakan ang mararamdan  at syempre kapanatagan ng isip.

Mat 11:28  Magsiparito sa akin, kayong lahat na nangapapagal at nangabibigatang lubha, at kayo'y aking papagpapahingahin

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Arranging Stuffs

               There are wasted times that I spent sometimes, and to kill those junk moments I decided to fix my iTunes and just to satisfy me having OC (obsessive compulsive) dilemma I searched and put an album art in all my iTunes songs. Having 1882 up to date songs in my iTunes all of them have their Album Art, nothing was missed.

               Almost 60% songs installed in my iTunes were Christian/Gospel musics from Worship songs, Alternative Gospel, Acoustics and Rock kind of music.

               Kutless, Starfield, Jeremy Camp, Tenth North Avenue, Matt Redman, Switchfoot, Tim Hughes, Chris Tomlin, Owl  City, Skillet, Sonicflood, David Crowder Band, Kari Jobe, Jesus Culture, Hillsong, Planetshakers and the like.

               And 40% of them are sort of what they say secular kind of music, but I have no against with that like Acoustic, Alternative, RnB, Rock type of musics.

               Boyce Avenue, The Script, Jason Mraz, One Republic, Jason Derulo, Neyo. Linkin Park, Maroon 5, Chris Brown, Adele there are more to mentions.

Just want to share some of what I did.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Piece Of Paper

               Its been 10 months since I left Philippines to have a greener pasture and to save and prepare for my future family if God's will.  It's hard being away from the family especially when it is your first time going abroad and if you re not strong enough for sure you will struck by what they called "homesick".

               When I heard that my cousin here in Riyadh will go back home in the Philippines to have his yearly vacation and he ask me if there is any presents that I want to send back home, I bought some chocolates, chocolates and chocolates :)  And of course I ask them to send something for me in return when my cousin come here again.

               One month had passed, my cousin came back fresh from the Philippines.  And he phoned me to tell that he is already here and my family has given "pasalubong" for me, because of busy schedule for both of us 2 weeks had passed until me and my cousin met.  And handed the "pasalubong" for me.

               Let me share you this "pasalubong" given to me by my Mom. 

  • Pancit Canton maybe my Mom didn't know that there is also Lucky Me Pancit Canton here ;)
  • Bawang na Bawang come on' I never imagine that my mom will send me this, but I found out that my Cousin put that in the bag. ;)
  • Gatsby Wax my Mom wants to be sure that I am still well groomed " Sabi ng Mommy ko gwapo daw ako, at pinaniniwalaan ko yun nyahaha, siya lang kakampi ko wag na kayong kumontra pls pls pls" nyahahaha.
  • Peanut Butter my Mom knows that of all the spread, Peanut Butter is my one and only favorite, specially if it's home made Peanut Butter.
  • Boxer Brief this really made me realized that Mother's know best everything, my Mom knows that I don't wear brief and that I prefer Boxer Brief of Boxer Shorts, and for that Mom you deserve a big kiss and hug ;)

               I really feel like I'm in the Philippines again after seeing this Dried Fishes wooooaaaah.  My Mom deserve my high five ;)

              This piece of paper really made my tears come down in my face, seriously guys.  I never imagine that my Mom will write a letter for me, those pasalubong is really enough for me to know that they care and love me, but this letter moves my heart and gave me strength that I needed in my stay here knowing that they are miles away from me.

            To Our Dearest Donnie,
                    With love and prayers we wish to greet you in the name of Dear Lord Jesus Christ who is the same today, yesterday, and forever Amen!
                    Nagpadala ako kay Elton ng 1 peanut butter, tuyo at dilis, mayroon din si Elton nito.  Bumuli din ako ng 2 boxer brief at 1 gatsby.  Hope you like them.
                  Ingat always at lagi kang makikipagusap kay Lord upang lagi ka nyang gabayan at pagpalain
                 Remember, we love you and we miss you so much.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Love, Mommy

Family is a place where everyone loves you no matter what, and they accept you for who you are.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Purpose Driven Life : New Look Pinoy Pride

                    The Purpose Driven Life is one of the books that I have read from cover to cover, the PDL that I owned was given to me when I attended a Youth Gathering in my home town, I still remember that I am so eager to buy that book when they release it to the market, but because I don't have enough money to punch in it was just a hopeful wish. The book is so expensive, maybe because I'm just a student that time and I need to save some of my money to get that book.

                    Gladly the Church that I attended gave me the PDL book, it was a token for me because I participated in their worship team as part of their Youth Gathering.  And it was very overwhelming to received the book that I long for.

                    Sadly that book was never returned to me anymore, my sister, bro's and some of my cousins borrowed that book.  And I let them borrow that book because in a way I let them help to discover and enjoy reading that book as I did.  

                    This is amazing guys there is a new cover for the one of the worlds best selling Christian book "The Purpose Driven Life : What On Earth Am I Here For?"

                    The cool things?  A 25-year-old Filipino graphic designer in Davao City — Brian Montes — bagged the top prize of a design contest for the cover of the re-issued best-selling book "The Purpose Driven Life" by Christian pastor Rick Warren.

gets to change the look of Rick Warren's 'Purpose Driven Life.'
Photo from Garrett Sussman 

                    The contest, conducted by talent outsourcing site 99designs, aimed to give the best seller a well-deserved revamp.

                    Rick Warren, the influential Christian pastor and author of the best-selling book "The Purpose Driven Life" decided to hold a cover redesign contest on 99designs. "The Purpose Driven Life" has sold more than 32 million copies around the world. In the fall, the book is celebrating its 10th anniversary.  

                    Montes' design stood out from almost 4,000 contest entries. Check out the other entries here.  Montes joined 99designs under the screen name ianskey  in 2010 where he focuses in book cover, magazine cover and logo design work with the aim of honing his designing skills.

                    The Christian Post said Montes’ success wasn’t just due to his talent, citing that two of the final five entries were submitted by the Filipino designer.
                    "I counted the little leaves that he has on this tree and there was exactly 40 and I thought that's a really nice touch. I sent [Montes] an email that said, 'Nice touch, by the way, by making the leaves number exactly 40,'" he said. "The designer was not even aware that his decision-making included exactly 40 leaves. He didn't even know that there were only 40 leaves. He was so excited and he felt it was confirmation that he was listening to guidance beyond himself on designing this cover."
                    In an email correspondence with 99designs, Montes wrote that his inspiration came from God.
                    "Every time I make a certain design I always ask God's guidance because I firmly believe that every design that is from God is a masterpiece," Montes stated.
This time again I hope and I pray that I can have the new Purpose Driven Life book again and again.


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