Friday, December 10, 2010

I love you Mom!

3 years old - "mommy, i love you"
13 years old - "WHATEVER MOM!"
16 years old - "Mom is so damn annoying"
18 years old - "i wanna leave this house"
25 years old - "Mom,you were right"
30 years old - "i wanna be with my mom again"
50 years old - "i don't want to lose my mom"
70 years old - "i would give up everything for my mom be here with me

Though its not a Mothers Day, I just feel to blog about our mom today.
I hope you like it guys.

We only have 1 Mom...
Do you appreciate your Mom too?


  1. Nice.

    I love my Mom, too!! :D

  2. I love nanay... =)

  3. you know what it made me cry ,everytime na meron ganitong post...

    we are all mama's boy i guess...

    hope we could exchange link...

  4. super like!

    I love my mom so much!

    Mama's boy din ako eh hihi :)

  5. lost my mom when i was 9. so to all na may mga nanay pa, wag silang balewalain.

  6. Yes! I love my mom. And I miss her. :(

  7. Ang sweet sweet.. alam mo mahal ko rin nanay ko.. but.. i don't know why hindi ko masabi sa kanya. i just buy her stuff and beauty products and we just talk everyday.. pero i can't tell. :)

    maybe it's a secret. an open secret. :D

  8. @ Will
    I Love my Mom also :D
    Thanks for visiting. Godbless.

  9. @Leah
    I love nanay... =) nice with a big smile! :D

  10. @likha
    na dali mo siguro nga all of us have a little mama's boy in our heart..

    done adding your link :D

  11. @PluripotentNurse
    salamat sa superlike! like ko din nyahahaha :D
    Ayun oh isang Mama's boy din pala nice!

  12. @Bino
    so sad to hear that pareng Bino... ayan lets appreciate the existence of our mom sabi ni Bino apir! :D

  13. @empi
    ayun oh mukhang na tats si pareng eMPi. :D

  14. @Nielz
    kung di mo masabi tama do it in simple gestures, Action speaks louder than word, pero mas ok parin kung lalabas sa sarili mong mga labi kung ano ang tunay mong nararamdan sa iyong nanay.

    Before i can't tell also how i love my mom, pero ayaw kong dumating sa punto na pagsisihan ko kung bakit di ko nasabi ang nararamdan ko.
    It's never too late pare! sabi nga sa commercial TRY MO! nyahahaha. :D

  15. woah. namiss ko tuloy yung mama ko. sad pa naman xa ngyon kasi namatay yung friend nya. huhuhu

  16. nice.
    just recently i started sayong i love you to her again. :D feels great. :D

  17. @Ester Yaje
    para mawala siguro yung sadness ni mama mo why don't you hug her and sa i love you ma and kiss her. I hope it helps to alliviate her sadness :)

  18. @my-so-called-Quest
    wow thats nice to see. Keep it up. I'm happy for you :)

  19. @hArTLeSsChiq
    me too i love my mom very very big! Thanks for dropping by! :)

  20. nyay!! pareho nkami ni nielz.. i love my mom but can't tell her in words, somehow i can show it in action..:)

  21. i am a certified mama's boy
    everyday namimiss ko si nanay
    and everytime na magkausap kami sa chat i always say i love you.

    honoring our parents has great promise from our Lord

    be blessed sir zeb

  22. @renz bacani ginez
    dapat have the courage to tell to your mama that you love her... it's not tool late ading renz...

  23. @Pong
    "honoring our parents has great promise from our Lord" this so biblical i like it :D

    be blessed also Pong :D

  24. nice post par... I love my nanay...tama ka 1 lang ang nanay natin kaya dapat natin silang mahalin nang sobra sobra...
    Nice background music...

  25. @MOKS™
    i love my nanay too, salamat sa pag bisita pare. sa uulitin :D


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