Friday, August 23, 2013

Don't Give Up On Your Blog

I was going through followers the other day and noticed some blogs that were “last updated 6 months ago” or longer. There were a lot of these.
Maybe they got bored or distracted or busy — but my guess is they probably didn’t get the huge number of likes and follows and reblogs they were expecting, and just gave up.
Please don’t do that. There are very few things we do consistently in this life.  We’re quick to jump from island to island of halfway commitment. Taking a break is totally okay: but I exhort you to persist in sharing your one unique voice with the world community. 
If you’re about to jump ship: please do NOT bail on your blog.  Do what you must — take a sabbath, go on hiatus, commune with nature, restore relationships, try new things — but come back and tell us about it.
It doesn’t matter if you only have a few readers. You’re not doing it for that. And even if you were, those few people who follow you might really be encouraged by what you have to say. You might be the only one saying it.
But more than that: your blog is a captured snapshot of your one fleeting transitory life, like the dust mote suspended in a sunbeam that shimmers for a spectacular moment in time.  It is beauty wrapped in expression, and you are putting something into the world that no one else can.  God made you for it. 
So keep sharing.  Keep making art.  Keep writing music.  Keep taking pictures.  Keep encouraging others.  In some small way: you are healing your part of the universe.  You are needed more than you know.  You are making a bigger impact than you think.

Monday, May 13, 2013

A Girl Who

“Court her”
“I think you have a chemistry”
“She is beautiful”
“She is single”
“I have her number I will give it to you then send her sms”
“Ask her to go out”
“In our department you are the only guy who doesn’t have a girlfriend”

Oh thanks, actually I also like that girl she is smart, fun and seems to be loving girl.  I planned to court her and even before you ask me to know  more about her, I already did my sort of simple research about that girl.  
But sad to say she is not the type of girl that I like.  I’m not mean and a  choosy guy but I have my own uhmmm should I say qualification / standard when it comes finding a right girl for me. I found out that she doesn’t have same faith as I have, for some it’s not a big deal but for it is a must.  
I explained this point to my workmate (actually 2 of my colleagues wants me to court these 2 diffirent girls, first girl is my workmate in which we are on the same department, second girl is in the other department.  Both of them is really a good looking girls as I must say.)
They got upset as I was explaining my point on why I am not that interested to those girls that they want me to court with. I know that they just want me to be happy seeing in a relationship because according to them I am a good guy, a God-fearing guy, a loving guy etc. etc. So they wanted me to be the boyfriend of their friends.  But I refused.
Sad part….
Both of my workmate said to me……. 
” I think you are gay”
” You are gay “
” Maybe you doesn’t like girls or you want the other one ahahahaha (they laugh)…..
” Don’t be choosy “
Are they insulting me. Am I affected? Do I need to get mad?
I am just a typical, normal, average, plain guy.  
At that moment I realized more clearly what I want in a girl.
A girl who is full of grace.
A girl who is crazy in love with Jesus.
A girl who wants more Jesus in her life.
A girl who’s attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus.
A girl whom I will treat like a princess because she’s the daughter of King Jesus.
A girl on which I can hold her hands while heading to a Church for a Sunday Services.
A girl that I can present to my Mom and Dad, saying that she is the girl that God wants me to spend the rest of my life.
God, make me a man after your heart and help me trust that you’re providing a woman who is after your heart, too. And while we’re both chasing after you, I pray we would bump into each other along this road, stop for a while to chat, and call the rest history. 
Proverbs 31 states, “Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last; but a woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised.”

Monday, May 6, 2013

Overseas Absentee Voting

It was a productive day off for me after straight 5 days 12 hours a day per shift,  I accomplished 2 things, my renewal of passport and I voted as Overseas Absentee Voter.

A few months ago I first planned that I will just renew my passport in the Philippine Embassy here in Riyadh because passport is one of the most important thing as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) but things was changed.

My appointment time in renewing passport is 11:55 AM in the morning, I went in the Embassy 20mins before my appointment time.  At exactly 11:55 AM the encoder called up my name, wow what an accurate time ( impressive huh ).  I didn't expected that the renewal of passport was about 5mins only and that was very impressive seriously, all because I have appointment schedule that day and so having an appointment schedule really helps you a lot.

After the passport thing, I passed by in the Overseas Absentee Voting information desk, at first I was hesitant to ask them regarding this OAV but there is this thought that is running in to my mind, that I need to exercise my rights as a Filipino citizen even if I am not in my home country.

"Excuse me Miss, I want to know if my name was registered on your list as OAV, because if I remember when I was in the Philippines they let me register in the POEA to be a OAV because at that time I was on one month vacation then I will comeback here again in Riyadh KSA."

Sir just fill up this form and I will search your name.....

Yes Sir you can vote here, then the lady wrote something in my paper and gave it back to me, Sir just go on the precinct number in the right upper of your paper. 

Then the lady instructed me on where to go.

Such a nice feeling seeing my name in the roster list of voters :)

Those list of voters was placed in the basketball court.

 So happy to see the Philippine Flag soaring high as the wind blows, it's like that flag depicts hope, positivity and full of honor.

Thumbs up for the future of the Philippines.

Personally casting my vote in the PCOS machine :) 


I asked a favor If can take a picture of the staff, and they are so game into it :)

They are so accommodating and very jolly persons.

Thank you guys for helping me out and for being so courteous, truly you embodied of a true values of being Filipino.

I felt good after exercising my rights to vote, even if I am away in my home country. After marking those small circles next to the senatorial candidates and one party list representative there is a hope that I can hold on to that my vote is going to be part of what I want for my country to be. GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES!

Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; and the people whom he has chosen for his own inheritance. Psalm 33:12

Friday, January 25, 2013

Studying Your Bible

Ilang beses mo ng nabasa Bible mo? Natapos mo ba at na gawa mo uling basahin from cover to cover? Waaahhhhh ang hirap minsan tapusin basahin ang Bible diba? aminin mo?!? Baka nga inaalikabok na Bible mo, maraming kang strategy kung pano basahin yang Bible mo good for you at least may strategy kesa wala ;).

Kahit ako minsan nahihirapna ding basahin at tapusin ang Bible, such a shame for me pero aaminin ko "hindi ko pa natatapos basahin ang buong Bible :( " Ang hirap kaya, sayang ang oras ko, uhmmm andyan lang naman yang Bible eh at anytime pwede ko namang basahin at tuwing gabi ko lang naman dapat basahin yan.

Totoo pero iyan ay ilan sa mga reasons ko minsan kung bakit di ko matapos tapos basahin Bible ko, nakakalungkot pero kung anong dapat bigyang pansin ay di natin pinapahalagan.  Pero sa kabila nito mas nagiging challenge sa akin na basahin ang buong Bible.

I just want to share this to you guys, I found this from Jarrid Wilson's blog site and this is cool sobrang simple at mukhang effective to study and read our Bible.

Studying Your Bible

Over the last few months I have had hundreds of you request a post on “How To Study The Bible.” Well, here it is. I pray this post blesses you, challenges you, and inspires you to take the initiative to deepen your relationship with God.
Below is the formula I use when studying and journaling through the scriptures. This doesn’t mean it’s the only way to study, but I do believe this formula is a great way to strengthen your foundation in Christ.
1. Uncover
1. Time/Date/Author
2. Place/Location
3. Audience (who is the text directed to?)
2. Relate
1. How does it affect me?
2. How does it make me feel?
3. In what ways do I share a similar experience?
3. Apply
1. What did I learn?
2. How can it be applied to my life?
3. What is God trying to tell me through this text?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013



1st Stanza
Ako’y walang saysay, akala ko ako ay tunay
Pilit naglalakbay, ang aking buhay
Ngunit nag-iingay
Ang aking kahapon, paulit-ulit bumabalik
Nakikitang sarili, lumalangoy ngunit sa putik.

1st Refrain:
Ngunit iba ka, pano mo ko nakita..

Pinulot mo ako, nung akala kong ako’y nag-iisa,
Kulang ba ang tinig ko
Para awitan at purihin ka,

2nd stanza
Ngayon alam ko na, ang ibig sabihin ng mabuhay
Ngayong kapiling ka, hinding hindi na mag-iisa
Dahil ikaw ang liwanag, sa gabi kapag ako’y tumatangis
At ikaw ang umaga, sa pagmulat ko’y nakangiti

2nd Refrain
Ako’y nasasabik, sa iyong pagbabalik..

Pinulot mo ako, nung akala kong ako’y nag-iisa,
Kulang ba ang tinig ko, para awitan at purihin ka

Kulang ba kahit ibigay ko ang lahat
Maging ang buhay ko’y hindi pa sapat
Pero hayaan mong ibigay ko ang lahat
Nang ang puso ko sayo’y maging tapat oh…

Pinulot mo ako, nung akala kong ako’y nag-iisa,
Kulang ba ang tinig ko, para awitan at purihin ka,

Pinulot mo ako, nung akala kong ako’y nag-iisa,
kulang ba ang tinig ko, parasabihin kong mahal kita

              Nung unang marinig ko ang kantang ito tumatak agad sa akin ang nilalaman ng kantang ito, sapul na sapul kung baga. PINULOT MO AKO, NUNG AKALA KONG AKO'Y NAG IISA. Akala natin walang nakakakita oh nag mamahal sa atin, yung tipong parang nakakahiya na sa Panginoon na bumalik pa tayo sa kanya dahil sa mga kasalanan na mga nagawa natin, pero nagkakamali ka, nag hihintay lang ang Panginoon sa atin para muli ka niyang  makapiling.


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