Friday, August 23, 2013

Don't Give Up On Your Blog

I was going through followers the other day and noticed some blogs that were “last updated 6 months ago” or longer. There were a lot of these.
Maybe they got bored or distracted or busy — but my guess is they probably didn’t get the huge number of likes and follows and reblogs they were expecting, and just gave up.
Please don’t do that. There are very few things we do consistently in this life.  We’re quick to jump from island to island of halfway commitment. Taking a break is totally okay: but I exhort you to persist in sharing your one unique voice with the world community. 
If you’re about to jump ship: please do NOT bail on your blog.  Do what you must — take a sabbath, go on hiatus, commune with nature, restore relationships, try new things — but come back and tell us about it.
It doesn’t matter if you only have a few readers. You’re not doing it for that. And even if you were, those few people who follow you might really be encouraged by what you have to say. You might be the only one saying it.
But more than that: your blog is a captured snapshot of your one fleeting transitory life, like the dust mote suspended in a sunbeam that shimmers for a spectacular moment in time.  It is beauty wrapped in expression, and you are putting something into the world that no one else can.  God made you for it. 
So keep sharing.  Keep making art.  Keep writing music.  Keep taking pictures.  Keep encouraging others.  In some small way: you are healing your part of the universe.  You are needed more than you know.  You are making a bigger impact than you think.


  1. I am one of those who almost give up. Hahaha. I am too but I have all the time to blog, however at times, I felt like I dont have anything to share. But my hopes are high that things will be better soon.

    Thank you for this post. It renew my enthusiasm to write. Good job!

  2. thanks kuya zeb... akoh eh isa sa mga taong yan.... tinatamad na mag-blog... I have so much to say but I dunno where to start.... or maybe I felt like I don't have no more readers... or maybe I do but I tinatamad na lang tlgah.... siguro season season... but I 'm still here... so I guess i'm still a blogger and always gonna be one... by the way thanks for always inspiring us... much love and Godbless!

  3. I gave up for how many times pero sa oras na lonely ako andyan si website na nagpapasaya sa akin lalo na sa mga previous post ko .... Nakakagood vibes ung post mo

  4. kuya zebbb!!! :) keep on blogging pa din ha.. silent reader ako, as always! haha

    and sis dhieee halherrrrr!!! :) amishoooooo :)

  5. hi kuya zeb... wat happened kala koh bah keep on blogging... eh san ka nah? anyhooo I hope u guys are ok and not affected by the super typhoon... oh yeah napadaan lang ulet here and just wanted to let u know I created a new blog... so feel free to visit it... i'm gonna start adding some of the bloggers randomly that I know one at a time... so I guess you'll be the first one that I will add... by the way my new home: .... aight... hanggang sa muli... Godbless!

  6. It is very important that you are always updating your blog for your audience.As an accountant in accounting firm in Espoo i also use to blog about my profession and i always updating for my audience.

  7. wow.. such an encouraging post! I almost gave up on blogging due to busy schedules and studies.. this post gave me another reason to never leave the blogosphere :D

  8. I agree. I used to give up on my blog when I was younger because nobody reads it. But now, I keep my blog to keep me sane. I don't really care if anybody reads it, I just like to rant about my life. I blog to please myself, not others :)

  9. nakakatuwa ang post na to:) thanks!


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