Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dear Future Wifey:

You don’t know me but I’m Praying for you,

I think of you when I dance and crunch and curl to be stronger
…so maybe one day I can carry your burdens
I think of you when I pray
…to be a man with integrity, standing loyally beside you through everythin’
I think of you when I wash up in the morning
…is this the handsome mug you’d look forward to seeing when you wake up?
I think of you when I’m falling asleep
…you’re out there somewhere, aren’t you?

God, make me a man after your heart and help me trust that you’re providing a woman who is after your heart, too. And while we’re both chasing after you, I pray we would bump into each other along this road, stop for a while to chat, and call the rest history. 

Dear Future Wifey: You don’t know me but I’m Praying for you :)


  1. Naks! an open letter for ur future wifey... hehehehhehe

  2. sana sumagot si future wifey

  3. Char.. parehas na tayo chong may future WIfey... and their so blessed kasi we are praying na already for the..w ahehe

  4. Nakss... Ang sweet. Nainggit ako at lahat na nakispirit of valentine's day. Haha.

  5. sino kaya ang mapalad na future wifey. .intayin ko sa comment heheh joke lang... sweettttttttttttt..

  6. malapit na sya dumating pre :D

  7. sana dumating na si wifery mo... :)

  8. Ibibigay Niya siya sa yo, Zeb. Because you are a man of faith ;) Palagay ko, it's going to be soon :)

  9. oo nga tulad ni ms n..i know parating na siya sa buhay mo kuya..just wait..=)

  10. Malay mo si future wifey is just out there and is also writing a letter to her future husband :D

  11. dear future hubby...

    your so sweet, looking forward of being with you soon.. hanging out with you, holding your hands and hugging you tight..

    darating ang araw..magkikita rin tau... in time.. at the right place and at th right time.. just pray, and let His will take care of the rest...

    Destiny! it is....


  12. ang sweet naman, bka dumating na kagad si future wifey mo nyan hehe...nice posts!

  13. galing ng idea na ito kuya zeb.. ^_^ pwd gayahin hhehe

  14. sweet! she's out there,,,that one's for sure,,,and you will meet her in the right time,,for now, continue to work in God's kingdom,,,delight yourself,,,in the process, you will see that you are who you ought to be,,the Godly man she has been praying for all along,

    God bless!

  15. Hi Zeb!

    Kumusta na? Tahimik dito ah hehehe. Hope all is well.

  16. Hello Zeb! You will meet her soon :) Lovely letter.

  17. like this. I need the same prayer. pa hiram na lang.

  18. Hi,

    Tula po ba yan? Maganda ang pagkakagawa... full of emotions ika nga.. Palagay ko kung sinuman ang ibibgay ni GOD for you, as long as it is a GOD-centered relationship, magiging strong kayo. Keep on praying for her! Hopefully, she's doing the same thing...

    At sa pagkakataong matagalan bago ibigay ni GOD ung gift nya sau marahil meron pang mga values kayong dapat madevelop individually na makatutulong sa inyong relationship.

    Oh dba inspiring isipin na GOD is still writing one's love story? :)

    To GOD be the glory till eternity! :)

  19. Napakatagal na nating nagkakilala. may kakaiba na akong naramdaman mula noong una kitang nakausap sa mundo ng bloging. nakikita ko ang sarili ko sa iyo. ang hindi mo lang alam sinubukan kong sabihin pero hindi ko maituloy dahil natatakot ako! kahit na hindi mo alam

    Mahal na mahal kita!alam kong ikaw na ang biyaya ng Diyos sa akin.

    Magmamasid lang ako.


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