Tuesday, January 26, 2010

heavy load!!!!

.....one afternoon while i was reading a book entitled " the God of the Second chance by Greg Laurie, I received a text message a text message that made me realized so many things in my past experiences, how i fail, how i stumble, how i lose, how i quit, even on how I surrender my aspirations in life. This text message moved me in a way that I cannot imagine.

The young man was at the end of his rope.Seeing way no out, he dropped to his knees in prayer.

"Lord , I can't go on "he said." I have too heavy a cross to bear.

......"The Lord replied, "My son, if you can't bear it's weight, just place you cross inside this room. Then open another door and pick any cross you wish.

"The man was filled with relief. "Thank you Lord," he sighed, and did as he was told. As he looked around the room he saw many different crosses: some so large the tops were not visible.

.......Then he spotted a tiny cross leaning against a far wall. "I'd like that one, Lord," he whispered.

And the Lord replied. "My son, that's the cross you brought in."

Friday, January 15, 2010

nurse on duty 1!!!

I realized that being a nurse is incomparable... As we care for our patients, I learn how to cover my sorrow with smile. I learn how to stay vigorous despite of all the tasks that I endure. I learn how to give hope eventhou mine are unclearly seen. I learn how to give strength even at times I am the one who are weak. Nobody would know what kind of a life nurse has...Unless he/she becomes one.


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