Sunday, December 21, 2008

it's not X'MAS!!

Pagpasok ko kahapon sa trabaho. Diretso akong pumasok sa room ko para simulan ang trabaho ko. As usual makakasalamuha nanaman ako ng mga iba't ibang uri ng mga Pasyente. Masungit, mabait, palangiti, dedma, at makukulit na Pasyente (sanay na akong sa mga ganitong klase ng mga pasyent lolz.)

Paglabas ko sa aking kwarto, nabasa ko ang isang malaking pagbati sa aming lahat MERRY X'MAS. Aba aba aba paskong pasko ang kulay ng mga disenyo. Tinanung ko kung sino ang nag ayus ng dekorasyon, "ngayun mo lang napansin yung decoration?? matagal na kaya nakalagay yang mga decoration".. Kung tutuusin matagal ko ng nakikita ang mga dekorasyon na iyun hindi ko lang gaanong pinapansin.

Paulit ulit kong tinitignan ang dekorasyan sa palagid. Ang nakahuli ng aking pansin ay ang malaking pagbati n MERRY X'MAS. Sumagi sa isip ko na parang may mali o parang may kakaiba sa MERRY X'MAS. Dahil sa hindi ko gusto ang nakalagay n MERRY X'MAS, pilit kong pinapalitan sa mga kasama ko sa trabaho ang MERRY X'MAS ng MERRY CHRISTMAS. Bakit mo ipapapalit yung MERRY X'MAS sa MERRY CHRISTMAS.?? siguro nga ay ginawa nilang X ang CHRIST dahil sa hindi sila sure sa spelling CHRIST or para tipid sa pangdecorate kaya X nalang ang ginamit.

Pilit kong ipinaliwanag sakinala ang dahilan kung bakit ko gustong ipapalit ang spelling. Ang saakin ay magkaiba ang MERRY X'MAS sa MERRY CHRISTMAS, ang hindi ko gusto ay ang gawin ninyong X ang CHRIST. Ang pagkakaintindi ko kasi ay ang X ay parang wala, ekis, nothing, bad, hindi siya kasing kahulugan ng CHRIST. MALAKI ANG PAGKAKAIBA NG X sa CHRIST. Hindi deserve ni CHRIST na gawin nating X ang pangalan Niya.It make's sence isn't it?


Monday, December 15, 2008


There are plenty of moments in life which makes us happy. In that Friends play a very important role. Here is an Friendship award shared that made me feel so happy.

"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to
you when you have forgotten the words."
- Donna Roberts

This award I have received was given to me by Kayal.
I would like to share this award to
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Saturday, December 6, 2008

i am angry!!!

I’m angry because you pursued me relentlessly and told me you wanted me
to be your boyfriend.
I’m angry because I learned you did that with others while we were still
I’m angry because you lied when you told me you weren’t attracted to men I
later learned you screwed.
I’m angry because I can’t tell you how angry I am.
I’m angry that it makes me hurt when I see, hear or write your name – even
when it isn’t you who’s being referred to.
I’m angry that you led me to believe you wanted a life with me.
I’m angry that I can’t just come over your place when I feel like it.
I’m angry that you would probably let me if I wanted and that I have to resist.
I’m angry because I can’t talk to you.
I’m angry because I’m lonely and you have several lovers vying for your
I’m angry that I don’t know exactly when you began disregarding my feelings.
I’m angry that I don’t know what things you said were true and which were
I’m angry you never tried.
I’m angry I liked you so much in the beginning – or was so excited that
someone attractive and interesting wanted to spend time with me that I
ignored warning signs.
I’m angry it took 5 years to find someone so easy to be around – and I’m
afraid it may be even longer until I do again.
I’m angry I fell in love with you.
I’m angry because I don’t have a crush on anyone right now.
I’m angry because I haven’t been happy for months.
I’m angry I can’t just make things right.
I’m angry when strangers in stores or on the street tell me to “smile.”
I’m angry that you are having fun and not suffering like I am.
I’m angry that I’m jealous of whoever’s in your life now.
I’m angry that when I suggested that you take some time to be single, you
emphatically said you didn’t want that and were happy with our relationship.
I’m angry that I believed for so long that you loved me.
I’m angry I haven’t moved on.
I’m angry that I feel like crying right now.
I’m angry because I can never have a truly honest conversation with you.
I’m angry because I have to avoid you.
I’m angry that it hurts when I see things you would like or be interested in –
or when I hear someone else talk about them.
I’m angry there are so many of those things.
I’m angry that I don’t have someone telling me that I’m goodlooking.
I’m angry I shared so many personal secrets and fears with you.
I’m angry that I don’t really know you at all.
I’m angry because others knew about your behavior before I did.
I’m angry I will never know how much meaning our relationship had for you.
I’m angry because I will never know how you really felt about me.
I’m angry because I still think of you.

*for some reason i re-post this poem again.
* pick up your favorite line, that tells your true emotion.

Monday, December 1, 2008

DECEMBER 1 is here!

Nobody can stop it! It's DECEMBER 1 already. do i need to be sad or happy or excited or anxious waaaaaaaaah. I need to give something to all my ina-anak's, i need to buy gifts for my niece, nephews, cousins ages 0-12y/o, but my money now is not enough (sad).

Some of my upcoming Activities this December.
Christmas parties are upcoming, Christmas party on my Work, Christmas party on our Church, Christmas party together with my cousins and realtives, Christmas Party with the Malnourished Kids, Christmas Party with my Family, We have Grand EB, We need to go to Pangasinan for a annual reunion, on December 24 it's my Parents 29th wedding anniversary, on December 16 thats my birthday yupeeeee.

At the end of the day i know all of this are worth remembering, i will cherish every moment. Even though its a tiring day.


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