Monday, December 1, 2008

DECEMBER 1 is here!

Nobody can stop it! It's DECEMBER 1 already. do i need to be sad or happy or excited or anxious waaaaaaaaah. I need to give something to all my ina-anak's, i need to buy gifts for my niece, nephews, cousins ages 0-12y/o, but my money now is not enough (sad).

Some of my upcoming Activities this December.
Christmas parties are upcoming, Christmas party on my Work, Christmas party on our Church, Christmas party together with my cousins and realtives, Christmas Party with the Malnourished Kids, Christmas Party with my Family, We have Grand EB, We need to go to Pangasinan for a annual reunion, on December 24 it's my Parents 29th wedding anniversary, on December 16 thats my birthday yupeeeee.

At the end of the day i know all of this are worth remembering, i will cherish every moment. Even though its a tiring day.


  1. wow! it's yer month. . dami mo gagawin parekoy. . kainggit naman. . ang besibesi mo. . hahaha. . advance sa lagat ng occation na magaganap sa buhay mo ;-)

  2. Busy month it is!

    But we shouldnt forget the essence of Christmas oki? Merry Merry!

  3. Dre overwhelming schedule natin's the busiest and most properous month of the year! fancy that!

  4. ay hindi ka nga busy, grabe..haha!

    daming Christmas party... goodluck and have a blessed month and upcoming year..;)

  5. yeahhhh...
    di na nga mapipigilan....
    meery xmas...
    namamasko po...
    asan pamasko ko?

  6. Daming PARTY..tiyak after this occassion... tataba tayo ng husto... daming food e... hahaha

  7. wow! full-packed sked! kkainggit nmn to!

  8. paperdoll
    *** yup its my month hehehe.wala ng kokontra month ko to lols. ok lng maging busy my mga gifts nmn n matatanggap nice nice.

    *** dont wori chyng i wont forget the true essence of Christmas. Merry Merry din nice nice.

  9. darkhorse
    *** tama ka DH it's the busiest and most prosperous month of the year!nice nice.

    abe mulong
    *** oo pare koi hindi me busy sayang.lols.nice nice.

    ***yup daming christmas party dami ding GC's and foods heheheh.un un eh. nice nice.

  10. kosa
    *** kosa pano ko mapapadala pamasko ko sayu?!?lols.nice nice

    *** waaaah ok lng tumaba marc my quaker oats nmn(tested ko n yun heheheh)nice nice.

    *** sun just imagine mukang every week my party hehehehe.nice nice.

  11. naks! too busy with this month ha!..pasali naman...hehehe..

    God will surely blessed you..

    i know you will enjoy it!...

    ingat :)

  12. dami namang christmas party yang aatendan mo hehehe..

  13. Mayyang *** sige sali ka sa mga Christmas party

    chubskulit *** madami nga christmas party madami ding GC's.

    JoShMaRie *** merry christmas din josh.

  14. ang dami mo namang party.. ang saya saya!!!

  15. zeb---finally, ablogger from Bataan!!! where do you live there exactly? I think you really have to be proud of your place. It's amazing, come to think of it, I've only experienced 1% of it. will surely be back and explore your wonderful province.......

    thanks for the comment. I can feel your energy.

  16. it really is starting to look and feel a lot like Xmas---buti kapa maraming X-mas party na dadaluhan.keke

  17. Salamat po sa pagbisita.
    sure Xlinks.


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