Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!

Today is somewhat special, even though it feels like every other day. Today is my day, the day I was born 23 years ago. As we all know time goes too fast to keep up with, so there’s no idea I even try to remember all the things I’ve done in the past year.

Luckely I haven’t reached the age when it feels like I’m only getting older, I feel like I’m getting better.

As a tradition, I usually wish myself a happy birthday, so here we go again. Happy birthday to me. One year older, damn…lols.

Have a nice day to you all.

**to those who don't have any gift to me , your wishes, advices will do and it makes me happy lols. nice nice.


  1. ahhhh bertdey mo pala pareko..

    sige sige i wish you a merry kissmas and a properous new year..lols..

    ahhhh bertday nga pala ano? hahaha sige isasali ko na din ang happy beerday! lols

    wish you all the best

  2. happy berdie pare!!! wish you chikabebs and long lifeness wakkaness hey enjoy your day!!!!kishu kishu

  3. wow... happy happy happy birthday to you!!!

  4. 23? great-----you still have the world ahead of you. A lot of things to look forward to ZEB....happy birthday.....

  5. aba aba at umapaw sa pulutan jan ngayon pareng zeb...
    hapi bertday pala sayo...
    may God bless u everyday and that He'll grant ur wishes and give u more bertdays to come...
    pa-burger ka naman...

  6. wow, wuahaw!

    hehe happy happy birthday to you.

    more chiQx to come. LoL.

    God bless you!

    23 years of blessings :D

  7. wow!! happy birthday to yah!! may you have more countless blessing and years to come. Eh? ehehehe...

    Greetings from the Royalty

  8. hai happy happy bithday God bless u with good health,and God alwys assist u in everything u want and everything u wish day in day out..

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZEB!!! May you have HUNDREDS more wonderful years to come! God bless :D

  10. Happy Decembirthday!

    May gift ako, prayer... (--,)

  11. Happy na bday pa! Happy birthday!!!
    Wish ko na ipagkaloob sayo yun minimithi mo!

  12. ui birthday pala ni parekoi! hahaha... happy birthday parekoi! pasensya na minsan nalang ako makapag post... nagiging busy narin kasi! sige ingat parekoi! hahahah....

  13. better late than never...

    maligayang bati ZEB

  14. belated happy bday bro

    wish u ol d best!



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