Sunday, January 23, 2011

When God Ran


He loves you, even before you were, even before the world were, or the universe were. He loved you, even though you did not know His name. He loved you, even though you grew up and went into rebellion against Him. He loved you, even though you yelled out a swear word with His name in it. Even though you looked at things that you shouldn’t, inhaled and smoked and drank things that you shouldn’t. He loved you, even when you hated Him and spat in His face and cussed at Him and got mad at Him and crucified Him all over again. He loved you, even when you were a terrible, sinful mess.
And He loves you, because you are wonderful to Him, because He is love and He delights in you; and don’t ever forget the fact you were made in His image. In His own image. You were the reason He went to a cross. You were the person He took the place of so you can spend eternity with Him. So you can be freed from your sin, your addiction, your habits, all the things that had enslaved you. So that you can avoid going to that awful ugly place called hell forever. So that you can experience the great love of God in your life. So you can have life, and have it to the full.
He loved you then, and He will love you now. He will always love you. You are beautiful to Him, you are so wonderful to Him, beloved. He loves you. He delights in you.
The Almighty God, He loves you, and He always will.

No matter what your situation, no matter what your circumstance might be, GOD knows already, GOD cares anyway, and GOD loves you regardless.


  1. Thank you for the message... sa tuwing napapadpad ako sa blog mo, gumagaan ang pakiramdam ko... :)

  2. nice parekoy.. thanks s post na ito. :))

  3. I really love your blog :) Amen to that Zeb :)

    God bless us All! :)

  4. Godbless you kuya.thank you for sharing this to us..=)

  5. weee.. naalala ko tuloy nung time na kinanta ni Bestfriend tong kantang to.. weeee... i so miss our bonding..

  6. amen, ininterpretative dance namin ito dati diko zeb. continue to be a blessing :)
    i speak blessing din sau ♥

  7. Amen, Zeb. Thank you for sharing this. I especially like this line: He loved you then, and He will love you now. He will always love you.


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