Sunday, January 16, 2011

Did you talk to Him?

My personal goals are just as important as those in other areas of life. I have a picture in mind of who I want to be and how I want to treat people.

 I want to be kind and compassionate.  I want to live for the good of others.  Most of all, I want to live more for Jesus Christ each day.  When I am making progress in those areas, I am pleased, when progress is slow, frustration sets in.  

It is in those moments that I realize I need to talk to God.  He knows everything about me and yet still longs to help me along the way.  If you feel like your life is stagnant, perhaps you should try talking to God about it.  Be honest and share with Him your frustrations, He is waiting for the opportunity to help you get moving again.


  1. Amen! kaya importante may constant communication sa Kanya!

  2. AMen... PK thumbs up... Godbless... :)

  3. everytime i visit this blog, there's always an inspirational message and I love it. Nice Zeb! Keep it up :)

  4. Yes.. with God, I can practice blind faith.. and yet it's in those blind times that i see the most.. :D

  5. dear zeb,
    worship God in spirit and in truth. the joy in finding and knowing God lies in making Him real to you in every aspect of your life. God bless.

  6. So true! I wouldn't have surpassed life's challenges withouth His helping hand. And I wouldn't me be where I am now if not for His guidance. :)

  7. Amen! Need I say more? Haha. MakaDiyos ka pala. Kung walang tumulong sa akin sa struggles ko sa buhay, malamang adik na ako ngayon. To God be the Glory. :) God bless. :)

  8. All praises to the Lord... Dahil jan, isa kang blessing sa mga taong katulad ko... :)

  9. he listens to you no matter who you are, and what ever you did.....

    God is so good indeed!



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