Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Most of us had been experienced to be inspected by a inspector, the most common place that we can see an inspector is in the Mall, School, MRT, LRT, Private and Public Establishment.   A Metal Detector is the most commonly used on detecting that there is unusual thing inside our bags or even in our own body.

What's the next step if they found out that you are carrying a prohibited things, for sure they will do something about it, maybe a warning first depending on the protocols of the institutions.  What is the reason behind those inspections? It's for our own good and safety.

For sure we don't want to be embarrass in such an awkward scenarios if the inspector found out that you violated some of their rules.  So what will you do, you will abide their rules and act accordingly.

"God did my Inspection"

Are you brave enough to let someone come in and check the quality and  how clean is your life? I am not sure I am. I don’t want anyone checking for dust behind my picture frames.   Rules for my living space and my heart are different, however.

There is one who I willingly give permission to examine my heart.  Because I want to be pleasing to God, I have decided to pray a prayer found in Psalm 139 as often as I can. By giving God permission to search my heart and reveal anything that isn’t right, my desire is I would understand the areas that aren’t clean so that with His help, I can work to overcome them. I encourage you to invite his inspection.  Although it might be uncomfortable, only good things will come from it.



  1. Amen... Have a blessed day din chong...

  2. God doesn't need my permission.. He may come inside my house and check my life whenever He pleases. And for any wrong that I've done, I know that He'd guide me towards reforming..


  3. In Jesus Name, Amen. Ang banal talaga ni Sir Zeb. God bless you din po.

  4. Trust God for every detail of your life (1 Peter 5:7). Amen :)

  5. finally nagupdate! hehehe and as always, nakakainspire ang blog mo kaya naman i never fail to visit you :D

  6. Sir, malaigayang pagbabalik, medyo matagal din kayo nagpahinga..

    minsan ang ginagamit din ni manong guard eh drumstick heheh

    kahit walang inspection, alam ni GOD kung anong meron tayo sa ating mga sarili. wala tayong maitatago sa kanya.

    gandang araw sir and heave a blessed day.. :)

  7. ayaw ko din na iniinspect ang gamit ko, pag binuksan ko naman yung bag, tutusukin lang naman yung laman. hahaha.

    but i am more than willing to be inspected by God everytime he wants to. God bless you Zebzeb.

  8. Ayaw ko masyadong kinakalkal ang gamit ko pero kung meron mang isa basta Siya lang di ako magrereklamo... hehehhehehhe

  9. I agree with Leah. God can come in and out of my heart to inspect it. It's for my own good :)

  10. oo..wala tayong matatago kay God.. at wala din tayo matatago sa sarili natin.. hmmm.... natawa naman ako sa drumstick sabi ni banjo... lol... minsan nga nagjojoke na lang sila na nag-iinspect sila

  11. Hindi lang nag-iinspect c god, may libre pang maintenance para sa mga broken hearts and souls...:)

    salamat s mgndang mensahe


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