Monday, February 7, 2011

Paper Clip

A couple of weeks ago, I had a conversation with a girl that began to tell me about all of the struggles and disruptions in her life.  She shared how her parents had moved several times leaving her a trail of shallow relationships.  She talked about the death of a close relative and a strong sense of insecurity.

          After a few minutes, she told me that she routinely hurt herself by taking a paper clip and digging into her skin leaving visabily scars and stinging pain.  Although it was not a logical action, it seemed to help her deal.  Because my heart went out to her I wanted badly to help. 

           I told her that Jesus said he would willingly take the worries and cares of her life away.  I had the privilege of praying with her and asking Christ to help her deal with life.  Since that day, I have received a couple of emails from her.  Although life is still difficult, she is doing better.  She told me that God is comforting her and helping her deal with life.

          If you can relate to that young girl, you need to know that Jesus cares.  He refuses to abandon you.  If you are looking for a reason to hope…to believe that life can get better, take a moment and ask the God of the Bible to fill you with His peace and comfort. 


  1. Paper clip? OUCH!

    Very inspiring post. :)

  2. naalala ko nung bata ako, sinugatan ko ung kaliwang pisngi ko gamit ang knife. buti na lang nakilala ko si Jesus. now i'm all ok :)

  3. Aray. Meron talaga mga ganun noh? Anong tawag dun? Kapag nakaka-feel ng relief kapag may nafi-feel na pain.. di ba borderline yun? Pero hindi pa naman siguro mental illness yung nararanasan niya.. pero... wala lang... nakaka-concern naman... puro sympatya na lang me...sensya na..pero makikiramay na lang ako sa prayers..

  4. wow.. this is nice. It's all in God's plan that you met this girl in a timely matter so she knows how much Jesus loves her. God bless you more and continue to use you to let other people know about the love of Christ!

  5. subukan ko na rin minsan yan, kutsilyo nmn gamit ko :( pero wala na rin yun, nakalipas na at nakalimutan na...


  6. at maraming salamat sa pagpapaalala.

  7. self infliction?sakit nun..uhmm..your a great pain kuya..=)

  8. inspiring kuya.. nakarelate ako..


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