Thursday, November 27, 2008

Big Bag Syndrome

A bag is used for packaging and/or carrying items.A bag may be closable by a zipper, snap fastener, etc., or simply by folding (e.g. in the case of a paper bag).A bag may or may not be disposable; however, even a disposable bag can often be used many times, for economic and environmental reasons.

While i was walking my way down to work, i always saw a individuals who is carrying a Bag, whether they are students, common people, fashionista's, nanny's, mothers, and even a beggar. One thing i noticed nowadays are the girls who are carrying a bag not just a bag but a BIG BAGS.

Gone are the days of dainty purses and miniscule wallets. They’re fine for special events, sure, but for everyday use, it looks like women are turning to real bags. Huge bags. The kind of bag into which you fit half your life- and then never find it again. Giant black holes slung on our shoulders sucking in every stray business card, matchbook, and penny that cross their paths.

At one time Big Bags were strictly for use by mommies, to carry Bandaids and nail clippers and tissues and lip balm and the million-and-one other things that kids may require on a daily basis.

My sister and cousins specially girls used Big Bag, i asked them what are the things inside their bags, tissue papers,(napkins)hehehehe, make up kits, wallet, I-Pod, cellularphones, book,hand lotion and the hand sanitizer etc.Sound familiar?....There’s something innately comforting in knowing that you’ll always have what you need, even if you are carrying a perpetual 20-pound load on your shoulder.

The Big Bag bug has bit women nationwide. I think it started with the infamous “hobo”, but I can’t be sure. The trend has certainly evolved.

I started to become annoyed with girls who have bag’s oversized-ness, and the continual “excuse me’s” necessary to avoid knocking an innocent bystander off his unsuspecting feet.

Not that there's anything wrong with owning a big, gorgeous tote. The trouble starts when you load it up—wallet, laptop, comfortable pair of shoes, cell phone, PDA, bag lunch, water bottle, book or magazine, maybe both, along with a makeup kit and a few work files—and lug the thing everywhere.

Soon you may start to notice a nagging ache that runs down your neck, across the top of your shoulder blade, and over to your arm. That tiny curved crescent of discomfort gets worse and worse until you do something seemingly innocuous.


  1. ...SIno kasi nagpauso ng mga big bags big bags na yan...sarap upakan...PAusong walang kwenta..lolz...

  2. Hahaha, oversized bags are so in, yet so incovenient, and annoying! Edi pag tinamaan ka, sabihin mong u'r so sorry is not enough! haha

    I'm liking this blog!

  3. parang may dalang aparador noh? nyaha! kaya minsan ayokong nagdadala ng bag eh.. (tamad)

  4. applicable din to ata sa lalake...cguro kapag namamalengke?

  5. Pajay *** adik nga yung nagpauso nyan, hehehehehehe. nakikita ko lng before yan sa mga nanny'

    Chyng *** i am really annoyed talga specially pag natataman ako ng mga MALALAKING BAG nila. Thanks for appreciating my blog Chyng.

    Dylan *** pare koi hindi lang aparador yung dala pati ata CR dinala n din nyahahaha.

    DarkHorse *** mas applicable sa babae mamalengke(peace!)lol

  6. wahaha! natakot nmn aco! stroller na nga lang dadalhin cong bag. . baka magkaganyan na likod co. .

    hindi rin kasi aco umaalis ng walang bag. . kung pwede nga lang tupiin sa walo tong bahay namin para magkasya sa bag co at madala kung sansan eh. . hehe

  7. Oo nga dre... ang lalaking bag na dala dala... para bang aalis sila... hehehe

  8. hop hop! un mga big bags nmn ng mga babae ngayo eh puros make up lang laman , hindi un mabigat,lol!!!!sige mmya n lang ulet! g2g!

  9. paperdoll *** stroller nyaaaaa.adikbigla tuloy ako napaisip parang ang pangit pag stroller dala ng mga girls hehehehe.

    MarcoPaolo *** oo nga kalalaki ng mga bag parang laging luluwas hehehehe.

    sunny *** pro kakiy kits lang nmn yung dala nila, hehehe.

  10. it's the trend! i see a lot of huge bags carried but it's almost empty inside!!

  11. Ashely *** thanks for the visit from Malaysia, and thanks for following my blog. nice nice.

  12. hahahaha...lols
    wala ka nmang magagawa kung may gusto magsuot nyan eh
    lols payo lang... kahit malaki yung bag pero konti lang laman siguro ok lang..pamporma kumbaga..

  13. kosa *** yup pare wala n me magagawa kung gusto tlga, badtrip lng minsan nakakabangga sila minsan sa laki ng bag nila.nyahahahahahaha (minsan hindi bagay sa porma/get up nila yung Big Bags nyahahahah)

  14. kala mo laging mag-aabroad eh.lolz
    pasensya na, dimaubusan eh.

    nandito ulit..wehe

  15. Dylan *** parang laging my lakd mga girls n may big bags nyahahahaha.
    di k talga maubusan like your name heheheheh. (Dylan Dimaubusan)

  16. ang haba.. ahihihihi!!
    di pa makapag basa ng maayos
    pasilip silip lang muna ako

    daan lang to say HELLO!!!
    happy weekend!

  17. Donna *** enjoy your pachal pachal Ms. Donna. heheheh

  18. mahilig ako sa bags... at hindi ako nagdadala ng bag na maraming laman. more on small bags lang ako. :)

  19. Josh *** yup at least handy ung mga smallbags and hndi ka makakatama ng mga bystanders hehehe.Kc ung mga bigbags nakakatama.Hehehe. Thanks 4 d visit josh.

  20. ayko na magpplastic bag nalang akow, wakakakka

  21. amor *** wakoko ks plastic bag nyhahahahahaha. mas ok sana yung paper bag nalang. lols

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