Friday, January 15, 2010

nurse on duty 1!!!

I realized that being a nurse is incomparable... As we care for our patients, I learn how to cover my sorrow with smile. I learn how to stay vigorous despite of all the tasks that I endure. I learn how to give hope eventhou mine are unclearly seen. I learn how to give strength even at times I am the one who are weak. Nobody would know what kind of a life nurse has...Unless he/she becomes one.


  1. Hi Zeb. My first time here. Just dropping by from the Oasis capital of UAE: Al Ain City. Directed here thru LordCM's page. A colleague in profession.

    Wonderful thoughts and I must say that all of it are indeed true. I feel that our job is not only a career but a divine vocation.

    Have a blessed weekend ahead.

  2. lahat naman yata ng bokasyon eh mahalaga.

    with this thought, may we always do best in whatever chosen field we are in.


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