Friday, May 23, 2014

To My Future Wife

I don’t know who you are yet. I don’t know what you look like. I don’t know the color of your eyes. I don’t know the color of your skin. I don’t know your name. There are a lot of things that I don’t know about you, but there are a couple of things that I want you to know.

You’re Already Beautiful. Congratulations, babe, you did it. You are already beautiful. Seriously. If beauty is a game, you’re a pro. You are perfect already. You were beautifully and wonderfully made. You have nothing to fix. Let me say that again, you have nothing to fix. God did not mess-up on you. I know what society is telling you. ”You have to look like this, wear this, and have this in order to be beautiful.” Nope. You’re already beautiful. Beauty is more than what you put on in the morning. You don’t need to lose weight to be beautiful. You don’t need to pack on the make-up to be beautiful. You don’t need to have all the curves installed to be beautiful. You don’t need to have perfect skin to be beautiful. You don’t need to act a certain way to be beautiful. You don’t need to wear certain clothes to be beautiful and you definitely don’t need to take them off to be beautiful. Oh, and you don’t need to have sex with me to be beautiful. You’re already beautiful. Feel free to grow to be a better, healthier, more confident you. In fact, I encourage it. But let me remind you that when it comes to being beautiful, you already won. You are beautifully and wonderfully made.

Babe, keep your goodies in your basket. I get it. I really do. When you have a nice car you want to show it off. If you have a nice body, likewise, you want to show it off. But, what makes a Lamborghini stand out from a Honda Civic? I see Civics all the time. Everywhere I go there is one of those bad boys sitting in the parking lot. I can count on one hand every Lamborghini I’ve ever seen. It is always exciting to see one of those. The Honda, not so much. Don’t get me wrong, your goodies are always going to be good. I’ll say that again, your goodies are always going to be good. But, if everyone and my mom has a look at everything you’re showing off, I’m not feeling like as much of a lucky ducky. So please, for me, keep your goodies packaged away.

You’re a princess worth fighting for. I said “princess.” You know, the princess you always wanted to be as a little girl? Yep, that’s you! But here is the deal, if you are a princess, you have to act like a princess. The story goes something like, “The princess waits high up in her castle waiting to be rescued by her Prince Charming (thats me). This ‘prince’ has to cross the treacherous lands, fight all the battles, storm the castle, slay the dragon and THEN he gets the princess.”

It’s a pretty cool story, really. Prince Charming doesn’t just walk up to the castle doors, spit a little game, and off they go to happy ever after. You’re a PRINCESS. You’re worthy of a fight. If you give yourself to someone who isn’t willing to fight for you, he isn’t worthy to be with you. Your prince charming isn’t going to fight to take your purity, he is going to fight to protect it.

Don’t settle for me, make me go to work. Don’t let me sweep you off your feet without putting in any work. Remember, I have to “cross treacherous lands, fight all the battles, storm the castle, slay the dragon and THEN,” I get the princess. Make me go to work. Don’t let me have you easy. You deserve a gentlemen. You deserve chivalry. Do not settle. There are going to be a lot of guys who come through who might look like me, they might be dressed like me, and they might talk like me, but if they don’t put in the work like me, they don’t deserve you like me. I am out here waiting for you, don’t settle for someone who doesn’t deserve you. Don’t settle.

Our fairy tale will happen, but remember it doesn’t go from ‘once upon a time’ to ‘happy ever after.’ There is a battle that goes on in those middle chapters.Sometimes I am going to mess up. Sometimes you are going to mess up. I am going to say things I don’t mean and mean things I don’t say. Sometimes I will forget that you are a princess and sometimes I will get distracted. But, together, through love, patience, communication, and the grace of God, we are going to win.

I understand I might have written this a little late, but I don’t care who you were yesterday, I care who you are today and who you will be tomorrow. Make a change if you need to. Let us grow together. It is not too late. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done or how many of these items you have missed, it just matters what you are going to do now! You are beautifully and wonderfully made by the hands of a perfect Creator, live like it!

~Prince Charming~"
credit to Jaime Morales Fuentes


  1. oh my gosh.. never expected decent men like this do exist! <3 lucky princess you have :D <3 sweetest thing i've ever read from a guy..

  2. I may have shed a tear or two reading this. It's lovely!

  3. Thank you for this. This is amazing. "If you give yourself to someone who isn’t willing to fight for you, he isn’t worthy to be with you." - Yes! That's why I never regretted my breakup with my ex.

  4. That's the sweetest thing we ever kuya Zeb... Your princess will be lucky to have you. =)

    -dhianz of Simplymeeh

  5. This is so beautiful. Look at how wonderful God is. I once thought men like you are barely hard to find, but as I read this, it gave me goosies. God used this post as a reminder that there are still righteous men out there like you who are also searching for their better halves, who think righteously and aright. May you find your match, and may you share your story with us. God bless you po, and continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. :)


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