Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Peace of mind prevails..

The mind is like a room that is always full with stuff. There is no free space there. When it becomes vacant, peace of mind prevails.

In a world where stress, strain, rush and restlessness abound, peace of mind is of paramount importance.
All living beings have the same basic wish to be happy and avoid suffering, but very few people understand the real causes of happiness and suffering. We generally believe that external conditions such as food, friends, cars, and money are the real causes of happiness, and as a result we devote nearly all our time and energy to acquiring these. Superficially it seems that these things can make us happy, but if we look more deeply we shall see that they also bring us a lot of suffering and problems.

Peace of mind is the most sought after 'commodity' in human life. It appears that most of us are in a state of perpetual restlessness. On analyzing the causes of this restlessness,

1. Do not interfere in others' business
2. Forget and forgive
3. Do not crave for recognition
4. Do not be jealous
5. Change yourself according to the environment
6. Endure what cannot be cured
7. Do not bite more than you can chew
8. Meditate regularly
9. Never leave the mind vacant
10. Do not procrastinate and never regret


  1. ako i really need Peace of Mind :)

    like this post :)

  2. I really believed on what you have just mentioned above...:)

  3. @PluripotentNurse
    same here i also need peace of mind :D

  4. Nice post and I like all 1-10 :)

  5. @Kim
    thanks for appreciating Kim. GodBless You!

  6. you always have contributory post kuya..contributory sa pag-rereflect..:)

  7. @renz bacani ginez
    salamat renz.. salamat din sa palaging pagdalaw. :D

  8. minsan wala akong peace of mind. thanks sa writing na to.

  9. @Bino
    kahit ako din minsan bro walang peace of mind siguro nga most of the time satin wala tayong Peace of Mind yan pa naman ang kailangan natin sa mga panahong ito :D

  10. guilty ako sa procrastination.. huhuhuhu...

  11. tutuo ang lahat ng ito, sana nga ako rin, kahit saglit lang magka peace of mind :)

  12. minsan kailangan ko ng peace of mind. salamat dito sa post mo.

  13. gusto ko talaga ng peace of mind kasi lahat na green e joke. .I just need it and I don't know why I can't have it:( help lol

  14. @Nielz
    don't worry it is natural to procrastinate occasionally :D

  15. @LordCM
    mas masarap siguro kung mas madalas na meron tayong peace of mind. Salamat CM :D

  16. @empi
    ako din naman kailangan ko pa din ng peace of mind pareho tayo nyahahaha :D Salamat eMPi :D

  17. @daphne
    if you need help i'm always around pakalat kalat lang.. nyahahaha :D

  18. thanks for the tips! this is one of my wish this year to have piece in mind:)


    Merry Christmas


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