Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kuyamac & Mr. Atheist

You: Today is God's gift. God loves you

Stranger: negative.

Stranger: god loves you, bro.

You: you too

Stranger: does he love himself?

Stranger: seeing as he is omnipotent

You: omnipresent & omniscient

Stranger: does he know what turns women on

You: He knows everything

Stranger: does he know you?

Stranger: and your secrets?

You: of course

You: even the number of strands in my hair

Stranger: that's fucking crazy

Stranger: what would you ask him?

Stranger: sorry i mean Him (DERP)

You: He put the stars in the sky and know them by name

Stranger: but that can't be!

You: it is

Stranger: the cosmos will always simply be

Stranger: not because of jebus!

You: God the Almighty

Stranger: can he bench 250?

You: what do you mean by bench?

Stranger: weight lifting, i guess.

Stranger: i don't do it.

You: bench press?

You: for 250

You: He can blow the entire galaxy

Stranger: hah.

You: He knows the exact count of your cells

Stranger: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Stranger: cells.

You: He knew the things that you're typing here before you were born

You: He can see you when you do bad things

You: He is watching over you

Stranger: goddamn it. how am i gonna masturbate

You: He can see you

You: and everytime we sin there are consiquences

Stranger: what about my penis

Stranger: if i decide to touch it, will there be lightning

You: God gave us the gift of free will

Stranger: what about determinism


You: don't worry there is good news

Stranger: please share

Stranger: the good word

You: He can forgive you

You: for all of your sins

You: not by good works

You: only by grace through faith

Stranger: are you serious man?

You: yeah

Stranger: that's good

Stranger: i mean you're empowered by this, right

Stranger: so more power

You: do you know about grace?

Stranger: yeah

Stranger: she's this chick down the road

Stranger: and she serves me coffee

You: not that grace

You: for example your wife / fiance caught you having sex with other woman

You: she went to the kitchen

You: and prepare a food for you and your chick

Stranger: i'd say

Stranger: dang

Stranger: that's beautiful

You: that's grace. a gift that you do not deserve

Stranger: eh.

You: got it?

Stranger: yeah.

You: great

Stranger: i can be graceful though.

You: now. because of sin

You: we are all destined to go to HELL, or HADES, etc...


You: 1000000000x10000 degree celcius

Stranger: b-b-b-but

You: God gives grace

You: gives grace to those who have faith in Him

You: He alone can save us

You: we cannot save ourselves

Stranger: i gotta meet this nigga.

You: do you want to?

You: there's only one way

Stranger: do i have to kill myself?

Stranger: that's a sin.

You: don't

You: someone already died to take your place

You: God came to this world to seek & save what was lost

You: man. you gotta pray now :)

You: we don't know when will this life will end

Stranger: you're nice

Stranger: have a good life

Stranger: i'm gone, peace

Stranger: i'm still atheist but at least you have somewhat restored my faith in humanity despite the 
possibility you are being a quasi-troll

You: i respect everybody

Stranger: live forever please

Stranger: kthanks


  1. ako ay natuwa... grace through faith... hay.... x)

  2. ang haba, di ako ng skip, binasa ko lahat, nkaka inspire :)

  3. parang yung temptation ng devil kay Jesus sa mountain..

    ganda. sana madami pang mag stand up for Jesus. :D

  4. Have faith in HIM! that's right!

  5. second d' motion kay kuya mark... Godbless!

  6. what particular verse in the bible can prove that hell exists?

  7. @renz bacani ginez

    Luke 16:23
    Luke 16:24
    Matthew 13:42
    Matthew 25:41
    Revelation 20:15

    God Bless you :D
    Feel free to ask anything. i would be gladly to answer your questions, as hardly as i could :D

  8. @likha
    i love sharing inspiring post :D Thanks bro!

  9. @Kamila
    ako din ay natuwa dahil sa ikaw ay natuwa hehehe. salamat kamila :D

  10. @Adang
    thanks pare for reading the whole article. Godbless you :D

  11. @Nielz
    nice analogy pare tama ka :D

    i also pray that many will stand up for Jesus!

  12. @empi
    having faith in God will go us a long way :D

  13. @Dhianz
    i 3rd d motion Dhi! Godbless :D


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