Thursday, June 25, 2009

Be Grateful With What You Have...

While I was checking my email last night,as a usual thing to do I put a checked to all those emails that i need to delete,after choosing those emails,i am about to sign out my account, until one email unread was left. Before deleting that email, i opened it without hesitation. And i was really amazed with the content of that email. BE GRATEFUL WITH WHAT YOU HAVE that was the title subject of the email.This past few days i was very stress, very negative, and not contented with what I have. After reading it i feel so blessed with what i have right now....

If this doesn't touch you and move you, I don't know what will the power of the human spirit is shown at its mightiest by this one little girl. I salute her.

Qian HongYan lost her legs in an accident
Her family in China are poor and couldn't afford prosthetic legs, so she uses a basketball to help her move. - Qian uses two wooden props to drag herself, and never complain, even though she has worn out six basketballs. -
She attends her class- She always smiles
Always cheerful
Be gratefull with what you have


The smiling crippled girl

Qian HongYan lost her legs in an accident

Her family in China are poor and couldn't afford prosthetic legs, so she uses a basketball to help her move.

Qian uses two wooden props to drag herself, and never complains, even though she has worn through six basketballs.

She attends her class

She always smiles

Always smiling

Always cheerful

always positive
With the help of PRAYERS,and other individual, private sectors, companies and with a kind hearted person she is now able to afford a pair of prosthetic legs.

Smile always
Be grateful with what you have.


  1. Very inspiring.

    Hindi lahat ng bata, or I should say, lahat ng tao ay may ganyang attitude.

    May kulang man sa kanya o may hindi man sya nagagawa tulad ng maraming bata, nagagawa nyang maencourage ang iba thru her life, thru her smile.

    Hindi lahat ng tao ganyan, kahit meron na sila at sobra sobra pa, all they do is complain.

    I am grateful, dahil nagagawa ko ring ngumiti tulad nya.

  2. Really nice to smile, even though we have these imperfections, no matter what happens, we really have to show our happiness and gratitude in life.

    Great post! Really inspiring!

  3. Oh my, this is very inspiring.. she is very pretty too! Thanks for sharing!

  4. You are so true, sometimes we feel like we are the most miserable person in the world but if we try to look around there some who has worst situation than us...

  5. nagulat naman ako dito.

    nakakatuwa naman siya masaya siyang tignan.inspiring.

    salamat sa pagshare pre.

  6. Wow very inspiring! I hope everyone of us would realize that there are a lot of things to be happy about with ourselves, if this kid sees that there's more to life than being a handicap what more us who doesnt have any physical disability..

  7. True fighter comes from simple gives you some reasons to move on and be thankful of what we have...thanks Zeb!

  8. appreciating what we have is way better than noticing much what we don't have.

    seeing her smile despite the sit that the world's throwing in is humbling.

  9. Thanks for sharing this... na-touch ako and felt guilty kasi puro na lang ako reklamo... Thanks God for having a complete body!

  10. salamat dito sa post mo. nakaka durog ng puso naman to,,

  11. truly remarkable!
    this a very inspiring post..thanks for posting..

  12. para kay***

    dylan dimaubusan***
    that little girl really have a positive attitude isn't it?she is indeed a living testimony for us to move forward and be grateful with what we have.
    maraming mga nagcocomplain sa buhay ngayun. nakakainspire talaga xa.

    our simple smile will really go a long way, in the case of this little girl her smile is so powerful. salamat kebby..

  13. para kay***

    thats true joops, very very inspiring. i agree with you she very pretty. thanks for the visit.

    let us try to look in ourselves and be thankful with what we really have. you are correct that there are some worst situation than us.

    kahit ako pare nagulat din, nakakabigla no.
    masayang masaya siya tignan, nakakabless diba hehehe. salamat pare kong malupet..

    yes. by being grateful for the blessings you have received, and not resentful for what you're missing. isa ka pang malupet hehehe.

  14. para kay***

    That is all we really need. Our minds should be on helping others, and connected with God.
    God Bless you DH..

    let us focus ourselves on what we have,sometimes if we focus on the things that we don't have that's the time we feel so negative and unfortunate.

    nakaka touch talaga pareng marco, all praises belongs to JESUS alone only to Him, for having us a complete body.

    nadurog ba puso mo pare ko? ganyan talaga yung mga tunay na malulupet minsan nadudurog din ang puso.

    very very very inspiring.thanks for the comment yanah. nice one.

  15. nareciv ko rin dati ang email na 'to at super nakakatouch talaga.sabi ng isang movie, kapag nakakafeel ka ng pangliliit...wag kang titingin sa taas dahil lalo kang madidismaya, bagkus tumingin ka sa baba para makita mo ang mga taong mas mahirap ang mga pinagdadaanan kesa sayo pero lumalaban...

  16. para kay***

    nareceive ko yung email na yan sa kaibigan ko, nakaka touch talaga, it really moves me. gusto ko yung sinabi mo na "wag kang titingin sa taas dahil lalo kang madidismaya, bagkus tumingin ka sa baba para makita mo ang mga taong mas mahirap ang mga pinagdadaanan kesa sayo pero lumalaban..." this really makes sense to me.

  17. Tama. We tend to see problems more. We always notice what is negative. Kung baga, naghahanap lagi ng mali. We need to be aware of our blessings. Count them everyday and let them be a reason to stay alive and be thankful for life...

  18. ganda nitong blog post mong tohh..galing mo bro..natouch ako..dapat lang na be greatful for what you have..

    fave ko yang background song mo..keep it up bro! astig ka!

    more post like this.

  19. i received this one too...

    very inspiring.

    it's time for us to be so thankful for whatever we have.. for having and living a normal life.

    thanks again zeb for this story.

  20. wow, nkaka touch ang post! yeah, we should be thankful that we are born normal and complete, but sad to say people always ask more. more and more...

  21. This is very inspirational. At first I thought, "Is this guy telling me something?" I guess you did in more ways than one.


  22. Ano mangyayari kay tweety bird kapag uminom siya ng viagra? Sagot!

  23. anak ng tatay ko... na touch ako dun ahhh pati yung song my fave..... ganda dito nakaka bless ang mga post at napapaisip tuloy ako... first time ko dito kaya may gift ba ako? hahahaha

  24. wow! nakakainspire naman siya. ;-] sana tularan siya nung mga tamad mag-aral para sipagin sa pag-aaral.

    -ika nga "mind the gap"

  25. subrang inspiring nga..

    madami sa atin ang madalas mag reklamo sa kung ano mang mga maliliit na problema natin, pero looking at this little girl, sobrang nakangiti pa din sya kahit ganyan nga ang kalagayan nya..


  26. para kay***

    im sure if we will count our blessings one by one, we will realized that God is more than enough for us.

    salamat pare nagandahan ka sa post ko, it is just a reminder for us that we must be grateful with what we really have.
    nakaka touch din yung song diba pare WHO AM I? one of my favorite contemporary christian music.

    nakareceive ka din pala ng email na ganito AZEL hehehe. Let us count our blessings and name them one by one. for sure we will be so grateful that we have a living God who really loves us so much.

  27. para kay***

    maybe asking for more is one of the traits of a person who is not contented with what they have. it is much better if our goal in striving hard is to be come better.

    thanks doc for appreciating my post. in deed it is very inspiring.

    ano nga ba mangyayari?lolz... salamat sa pag dalaw..

  28. para kay***

    saul krisna***
    nakakabless ba? all praises belongs to HIM alone. ano gusto mo gift nyaahahaha.

    madaming nagrereklamo sa pag aaral nowadays. hindi nila alam pahalagahan na sila ay nakakapag aral ng normal at walng kapansanan.

    subra subra ngang nakakainspire.lolz that little girl really have a SWEET smile isn't it? sobra cute nya.

  29. Naantig ang aking damdamin.. Kahanga-hanga ang batang yan.. Maging inspirasyon sana siya sa marami..

  30. para kay***

    tunay ngang kahanga-hang ang ipinapakitang katatagan ng loob ni Qian, dapat nga na maging inspirasyon siya ng mga bagong henerasyon ngayun..
    malupet na tagalog lolz..

  31. Hi Zeb! bago lang ako dito and sobra ako na-touch sa post na 'to.. Indeed we should be grateful of what we have or make the most of what we have....

    Lagi ko sinasabi sa youngest sister ko na pag depress sya at feeling nya down na down sya isipin nya ang mga pulubi sa kalsada and i am sure she will feel a lot better kasi mas okay pa rin sitwasyon nya....

  32. para kay***

    salamat sa unan pag dalaw mo sa king munting tahanan... sana maulit uli ha.lolz...
    indeed it is a reminder for us that we must be grateful with what we really have.

  33. I love this post. She helped me to be more positive with life! God bless us always.

  34. to***

    thanks for the visit. even though i dont know what is the meaning of SUBHANALLAH.lolz

    Rcyan M.***
    thanks for the compliment, me too, this girl made me realized how blessed i am to have complete body parts.

  35. para kay***

    Jerick (the former Curbside Puppet)***
    salamat salamat salamat sa pag dalaw at pag babasa.

  36. Nakaka-touch talaga sa puso ang post mo--it is a reminder to all of us na to be grateful na wala tayong kapansanan and to others na kahit meron mang may kapansanan na lumalaban pa rin to live as normal.Thumbs up to your post pare!!^_^

  37. para kay***

    Madami saatin minsan naghahangad ng s0bra s0bra, minsan hndi natin napag i-isip isip na s kabilang dako my mga tao na patuloy na namumuhay kahit my kapansanan at kulang ang bahagi ng parte ng katawan nila pero patuloy parin silang lumalaban. Minsan ang akala natin na s0brang laki ng problema natin, kung titignan natin ang batang ito mas malaki ang problema nya kaysa saatin.

  38. napaka-inspiring naman nitong post mo :)

  39. grabe! naiyak ako sa post mo...

    nakakainspire yung bata..

    tama nga sinabi mo..

    be thankful of what you have..

  40. What a very, very courageous girl! Thanks for sharing, zeb. I am happy she now have artificial legs.

  41. grabe sobrang inspiring at nakaka touch.. halos maiyak ako.. grabe..

    how can people afford to hate? when their emotions should be put to good use by helping kids like her?


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