Thursday, July 19, 2012

Arranging Stuffs

               There are wasted times that I spent sometimes, and to kill those junk moments I decided to fix my iTunes and just to satisfy me having OC (obsessive compulsive) dilemma I searched and put an album art in all my iTunes songs. Having 1882 up to date songs in my iTunes all of them have their Album Art, nothing was missed.

               Almost 60% songs installed in my iTunes were Christian/Gospel musics from Worship songs, Alternative Gospel, Acoustics and Rock kind of music.

               Kutless, Starfield, Jeremy Camp, Tenth North Avenue, Matt Redman, Switchfoot, Tim Hughes, Chris Tomlin, Owl  City, Skillet, Sonicflood, David Crowder Band, Kari Jobe, Jesus Culture, Hillsong, Planetshakers and the like.

               And 40% of them are sort of what they say secular kind of music, but I have no against with that like Acoustic, Alternative, RnB, Rock type of musics.

               Boyce Avenue, The Script, Jason Mraz, One Republic, Jason Derulo, Neyo. Linkin Park, Maroon 5, Chris Brown, Adele there are more to mentions.

Just want to share some of what I did.


  1. hi kuya zeb... love koh ren yang ibang mga christian artists na nametion moh... namiss koh blog moh kuyah.... love koh blog moh kc very inspirational... keep it up... Godbless!

  2. "a piece of paper" post: ---> ditoh na lang koh magrereply para mabasa moh... nagbabackread akoh eh.... 'la ka na palah sa pinas... didn't know that... dyan ka na for good or work lang?... hmmm... yeah kakatuwa yang mga pasalubong na yan.... yumm pancit canton... nagutom atah akoh... nd yung sulat katuwa naman... funny binasa koh pa yung pinost mong picture kahit nahirapan akoh... funny i didn't know trinanslate moh palah... pinahirapan koh pa sarili koh... lolz... sige try koh magbasa nang more... =)

  3. i love the new design of the purpose driven life book... so i guess u gotta buy that new design... hmmm... parang i want to buy it ahh juz for the nice new design... so yeah... later na lang uletz akoh balik ditoh... ingatz kuyah... Godbless!

  4. is owl city a christian band? i have heard Adam Young singing "still" and he has a great voice :)

  5. hello zeb? just dropping here in your blog to say Hi :)


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