Friday, March 13, 2009

Little Daddy

I remember this news (A 13-YEAR-OLD boy has become a father in Britain) while i was sitting on the couch imagining my life 5 years from now. Lots of things are wrestling in my mind, it came to a point that i thought of having a family( a wife and a childrens).

these are the things that runs in my mind regarding the news:

*O my god the boy look innocent!!
*look at that little boy !!!!! he is sooo small i cant even say anything !!! just that the little boy is confused.
*The boy looks 8, and he dosn't look upset by the situation at all !he looks really young.
*Yes, its true that they done something wrong, but please lets not judge the kids because they made a mistake. Lets not forget that every baby in this world is a Gods gift for every family.


  1. hahaha malibog n bata LOL

  2. no matter what the circumstances are.. it is not the child/children's fault... yes, they are truly God's gift and we should always see it that way...

  3. indeed the fountain of joy in every family...

  4. yap,trully a God's gift from above.

  5. oh i don't know! I feel sad for the boy and kinda disappointed on what's happening in the world...

    innocence lost, innocence found. Ces't la vie...

  6. Keno RN
    malibog ba? adik hehhehehehe. kabata bata alam na yung libog hehehe lolz.Keno.

  7. yanah***
    nice outlook in life yanah. agree ako sau.APIR.hehehe

  8. chyng***
    truly kids are ONE of the fountain of Joy in the family.

  9. MarcoPaolo***
    oo pare totoo yan astig ba o unbelievable?hehehe.

  10. MarcoPaolo***
    oo pare totoo yan astig ba o unbelievable?hehehe.

  11. clarissa***
    agree din ako sayo GOD's gift talaga yung baby.

    in a way the news is kinda disappointing.. we might ask to our self is it we are living in a sinful world or we are the one who make a sin.

  12. Sa tingin ko sa panahon ngayon, wala nang unbelievable sa panahon ngayon... Nakatuon lang tayo o nasanay lang tayo sa mga nakasanayan nating nakikita noon..

    Standard ng utak, paningin o paniniwala.. Deceiving kung minsan, we might as well get deceived by what we see around us.. hehe hukayin mo na lang kung malalim..;)

    Kumusta ZEb, tagal mo na naman nawala ah, para kang kabuteng sumusulpot bigla.. at parang bulang nawawala.. nyahaha!

    Ingat lagi!

  13. Dylan***
    in a way my mga bgay nga ng unbelievable dati ngaun they made us believe na. Nasanay nga tau s usual n nakasanayan natin, nakasanayan n kc natin ung mga kaugalian dati. We must accept that even the fixed rules can be broken.

    As usual busy busyhan nanaman ako.Adik kc minsan s work. And naghahanap din me ng new work n0w.

  14. yong batang lalaki ba nag ama? segurado sila? grabeh parang hindi pa tuli yan eh.. haha

    anyways, care to xchange links? ^_^
    pls comment back to confirm. thanks.


  15. mon***
    kailangan ata nila ng DNA test hehehehe. pare dont wori kahit hindi tuli nakakabuntis parin hehehehe.

  16. I think I allready have been informed about this topic
    at bar 2 days ago by a colleague, but at that moment
    it didn't caugh my attention.


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