Thursday, April 28, 2011

God's Mind Over Matter

Have you ever thought about mind over matter?  I’m not talking about the whole telekinesis thing where you try to move or bend things with your mind without touching them.  What we’re talking here is this.  If you don’t mind something in your life it really doesn’t matter.  If you don’t mind that annoying person at work, it really doesn’t matter that they are annoying.  
If you don’t mind where you are right now in life, it really doesn’t matter.  If you don’t mind the kind of person that you are, then it really doesn’t matter to you.  But, let’s be honest.  We do mind about a lot of the things that we try to push to the side of our lives.  And, even if we try to push them out of our thoughts day to day, they really do matter.  Did you know that we are created to care about things?  We can’t help it.  But sometimes we can get overwhelmed as our thoughts begin to be dominated by painful and difficult circumstances.  We can begin to care too much.  
In those moments, it is important that we remember that the Bible says that we can cast all of our anxiety on God because He cares for us.  When we take our cares to God, he will take care of them for us. The reason that he does this is because you are always on His mind and you really do matter. 


  1. thank you for reminding me that...

  2. Tama! HE really cares for us.

  3. ramdam na ramdam ko ang pagmamahal ng diyos sa post na ito.God really cares. Thank you.

    Love the background songs. hope wag mo munang palitan siya.ano ang title ng songs na yan.

  4. short yet very meaningful...God bless zebzeb!!!
    PS can you remove the word verif request???

  5. @Laser

    the reason why i intended to put verify request, is that to prevent spammers :)

    God Bless You Laser ;)

  6. very much informative, tnx master zeb ^_^


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