Friday, August 19, 2011


     I may not be worthy in your sight but still you are their to understand me and more than that is You love me unconditionally, sometimes I question a lot of things that comes my way maybe because it is not what i wanted to happen, but as i look deeper into my situation i realized that everything is planned by your time frame, i may not understand everything but still my trust is in You Lord.

     “Being humble is not a matter of pretending to be worthless, but is a form of realism, not only 
regarding the real badness of one’s sins and stupidities and the real depth of one’s dependence on God’s grace, but also regarding the real range of one’s abilities. 

     Humble believers know what they can and cannot do. They note both their gifts and their limitations, and so are able to avoid both the unfaithfulness of letting their God-given powers lie fallow and the foolhardiness of biting off more than they can chew.”

     As what i have notice, one of the lyrics from Hillsong United's All For Love said many times have I broken your heart, still you forgive if only I ask... this lyrics is very striking to me seriously.

     Lord I may cause you so much pain, but still You are there beside me continuesly loving me unconditionally, what more can i ask for?  I am so blessed to have you in my life so blessed.


  1. aww.. i love this... i can say that i'm a little lost lately... probably not trusting Him so completely... *sigh* need to trust Him more... like i used to... thanks for sharin' this kuya Zeb... Godbless!

  2. phew! naiyak ako dun ah! God bless Zeb..Happy Friday!!!

  3. This has been a great post! God's love surely taught us that there is only one kind of genuine love... unconditional love.

    I hope you could visit my blog and read my recent post "Gone To Glory". That was my story when my Mom passed away...

    Thanks and God Bless...



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