Friday, March 4, 2011

Learning to Accept our Limits

Ever feel overloaded and overwhelmed? As well as the normal 9-5, there’s study, a job, church commitments. Plus your family want some of your time and–oh yeah, what about that friend who really wants some advice from you this week? It’s all too much!

Maybe like me you fall back on that promise: ‘I can do everything through him who gives me strength’ (Philippians 4:13 NIV). But God doesn’t promise we can do everything we want to do, or everything people expect us to do, or even the things other people manage to do. God only gives us grace to do what He calls us to do.

Author Parker Palmer writes: ‘I was raised in a culture that insisted I could do anything; that I was without limits, given enough energy and commitment on my part and all I had to do was get with the programme. My troubles began when I started to slam into my limitations…in the form of failure.’

Few things humble us like failure. As with today’s reading God will let us circle the same mountain over and over until the scenery becomes so familiar that we’re forced to stop and ask for direction; especially when we know in our heart that we’re not where God wants us to be.

What’s your most painful limitation? The one you won’t admit? The one you don’t want anybody to see? Acknowledge it. Seek honest feedback. Ask for God’s help in accepting the limits He’s placed on you; for your own protection.


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  2. thanks for this reminder. at least i'm reminded that i also have a limit

  3. agree Zeb! Sabi nila pag di mo kaya.. hindi yun gusto ni God para sayo.. I mean... di ko alam paanong word ko ilalagay eh..pero nabasa ko din toh sa purpose driven life.. hehehe

  4. salamat sa entry na to... hanggang dun lang siguro talaga yung nakaya ko....

    salamat po :)

  5. so true.. so very true :)

  6. Hi Zeb, very good introspection and reflection on the reading of the day. Indeed, it is a man's folly to think he has no limitations and that he can do everything on his own.

  7. This is a great reminder especially to those who work a lot. You still have to spend time to thank God and appreciate everything that he has given us. He provided everything for us to have and we must spend even a little time to show appreciation, a short prayer, a visit in the chapel, a 5 minute prayer, is that too much to ask?


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