Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Under pressure?

Ever felt that life is like one big pressure cooker?  Pressure from everywhere, building up until you feel suffocated by a massive heap of stress?  Difficulty getting on with parents? Pressure!  Brothers or sisters getting on your nerves? Pressure! Worrying about your grandparents’ health? Pressure! School too demanding? Pressure!  Boy/girlfriend jealous and possessive? Pressure!  Friends falling out? Pressure! It’s all too much!
Jesus says: ‘Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me.’ By the way, Jesus isn’t talking about eggs here. A yoke is a wooden beam used between a pair of oxen to allow them to work together to do the same job, ploughing a field. Jesus is saying: ‘Learn from Me’. Watch how I deal with people, see how I am in My relationships and learn to do the same. Let Me guide you through life, because My way is stress-free, My way takes off the pressure and piles on love.
Jesus knows how to handle everything - all that’s difficult, harmful, tough, hurtful, bewildering, overwhelming, awful and painful. So don’t collapse under a stress heap because of all the pressure. Hand your pressure over to Jesus and allow Him to take you through life stress-free. Learn a different way, an easier way to live, the best way to live - with Jesus.


  1. kuya salamat for this post...

    i know this is the right time for to reach out and ash HIS help..

    right now i have experiencing difficulties...

    please kuya kung anu man po ang pinagdadaanan ko now please please include me in your prayers.

  2. Tingin ko pag pressured ka, yun yung moment na morethan what you can finish ang tintake mong responsibility. Hehehe :) Actually prayers do work talaga... pampatulog ko ang prayers pag di mapakali.

  3. ako naman narandman ko yung sobrang pressure dito sa thesis namin! as in todo puyat kami lahat at ayun kahapon! natapos din..! basta kuya zeb lage lang tayo manalig kay Papa jesus at magiging maaus din po ang lahat!


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