Sunday, October 17, 2010

Are you thankful to God?

"I am eternally grateful for all the wonderful things God has given me and shown me - not material things but life, friends, family, insight into my life, and the ability to love and be loved. The list is endless! He is truly the greatest and He is truly the way to all that is good!"

Never loose sight of the bigger picture: Every thing happens for a reason.
Even if things are at a
standstill the earth is still rotating and you are still breathing. Baby steps are better than no steps at all. In your meditation think of goals you want to accomplish and write them down. By acknowledging what you want, and how you are going to pursue it, it is already manifesting because you have put it in the universe. Stay positive: This is easier said than done, but your optimism will go a long way. It is our attitude that determines the outcome in any situation.

"I thank God for the morning when I wake up and see the bright shining sun. I thank the Lord when I see the moon and stars shine brightly in the sky at night. I thank the Lord for peaceful sleep at night, when I'm not awakened. I thank the Lord for the food that my mother prepares every day. I thank the Lord for His love towards me, for never letting me down, always forgiving me, never giving up on me. I thank the Lord for coming into my life, saving me from death… I thank Him for everything…"

“It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord…” (Psalm 92:1)

Thank You By Katinas

Just a little while longer I wanna pray
Can't get You off my mind so I came to say
Thank You Lord, just for loving me, alright
Many times I do forget
Every need that You have met
Oh thank You Lord, I know You're showing me
You are there when I am down and out
You're holding me, Your love is so amazing
Oh it changed me

Here I am with all I have
Raise my hands to worship You
I wanna say thank you, oh thank you
For everything, for who You are
You cover me, You touch my heart
I wanna say thank you

I could have died in my sin but You saved me
Didn't have any hope at all
You gave me peace divine, strength to carry on
I should have been the one to pay
But instead You took my place
Amazing grace, it's more than just a song
Even though I don't deserve Your love for me
You look beyond my fault and You showed me mercy


I wanna say thank you for the sun
Lord we thank you for the rain
Thank you for the love You gave


  1. Sadly, when we become comfortable, too comfortable in life, we tend to forget the Source of all the blessings that we have. We become too proud to claim that everything we have should be credited only to us because it was us who have endeavored for it.

  2. @Nortehanon
    you are absolutely right, This is the post on how to tangibly trust and thank God than anything.
    “Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Never rely on what you think you know”. :D

  3. ang ganda mg kanta na to.. :D
    always trust god. no matter what happen :D

  4. @Axl
    tol tama ka leave everything to God and He will direct our path. :D

  5. done following y0u and will add y0ur link at my bloglist n0w,y0u can check it out.


  6. @Coffeeveggie addict
    thanks thanks!!

  7. always thankful fo God for everything....Thanks for visiting my site. visiting u back..added ur link.pls add mine. Thank u!

  8. @bev
    In everything we do be thankful talaga dapat tayu kay God :D

    salamat! done linking your blog bev.
    Peace out!

  9. I am thankful to him every milisecond of my existence.

  10. @Yellow Bells
    Amen to that! :D Godbless!


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