Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thank You God

Thank You God for putting me where I am today. For giving me friends, whom I can call my brothers and sisters of Christ. For giving me opportunities after opportunities, for giving me mercy and grace. Thank You. I may not know where this road with You may lead me. But I pray, that I can forever take this journey with You. With You, my Majesty, my King, my Saviour, my friend. I know you have a purpose for me but i can’t see it right now.

Any prayer I call out to you…. I feel like I’m not getting through. Give them strength when things don’t turn out the way they want. Give them faith to know that you will provide, maybe not in the way they think sometimes. Give them hope, because some how, some way, their suffering, their anguish, may by something that, through their endurance, will save someone else.

God bring peace and comfort upon these people. Remind them of Your promise that You will never leave us or forsake us. Remind them how much You love us, and that Your way is perfect. thank you for every single one of these individuals, and thank you for holding them in Your arms I believe that You have a great plan for all of us, I believe that we were placed wherever we are today for a reason. And I believe that You will use us one by one to overcome amazing breakthroughs.

Thank You God for being so amazing.


  1. Amen to that! God is great! :)

  2. Indeed. .thanks for sharing! what a lovely prayer before magstart sa work, enlighten na ako:)

  3. amen!

    hanga akoh sau for postin' somethin' like diz in ur blog... hanga akoh sau for always praisin' HIM.... keep up ur faith... kung nde man tayo makapag-EB sa earth... for sure i'll see sa heaven.. naks! haha... ei may twitter kah palah... nde active twitter koh eh... hmm... maybe i'll make a new one nd add me u guyz later... sige... ignatz kuya zeb nd for sure somebody will fall for u too... basta pag dumaan.. patirin moh.. k? lolz.. laterz.. Godbless!

  4. @daphne
    thanks for the compliment.. All praises belongs to Him! Godbless!

    @renz bacani ginez
    Salamat Renz, ikaw din you are truly blessed. Godbless

  5. @Dhianz
    actually i made this blog for personal purposes talaga, i want people to be blessed with what i am posting, i want to be an instrument to enlighten their thought.

    yup my twitter ako, mas madalas akonng tumambay sa twitter at blog kesa fb..

    sige i'll take your advice papatirin ko na nga! nyahahah SALAMAT! Godbless!

  6. So glad to have found your blog and to somehow met someone as brave as you are. Continue to be a blessing to everyone and God Bless you always.

  7. thanks on that...
    always thanks god on all the blessing ypu have no matter what is it... even it is small :D

  8. Amen! hehehehhehe wala akong masabi... agree lang ako! hehehehhehe

  9. @I am Roni
    thanks for the visit! God bless you too! I am not ashame to share the Gospel :D

  10. @Axl
    Tama God is all the time and all the time God is good!

    na speechless hehehe, salamat sa pagdalaw :D GODBLESS YOU!

  11. Today I'm thanking Him for realizing a great thing in my life..He always reminds me to hold unto His promises to me (^__^)

  12. @ladyinpurple
    Amen! GREAT message to remember every day! Godbless :D

  13. Amen! :) God is really so amazing in many ways. I love him too more than my life.. :)

  14. @Ellen
    When all seems lost and like you have no one who understand...Look up close your, eyes, listen and know that GOD does. Godbless You!

  15. @Coffeeveggie addict.

    Godbless both of you guys..

  16. We really have so many blessings to thanks for. God bless!

  17. yay ngayon ko lang to nabasa kuya :) yi amen :) cell leader to c kuya hehehe

  18. be blessed zeb!!!

    bihira ang gumagawa ng ganito ngayon na nagiging appreciative sa mga blessings na natatanggap.

    at ang pag iinteract kay God. :)

    god bless

  19. @klomster
    Just count our blessings and name them one by one :D

  20. @Zyra Ordoño
    oi salamat sa bag bisita zy, All praises belongs to HIM diba. Apir! :D Godbless you!

  21. @jasonhamster
    tma ka pareng jason, medyo kokonti nga lang ang mga ganitong uri ng mga blog post. lagi ko lang nasa isip ko na Im not ashame to share the word of God. Salamat ulit sa pag bisita pare! :D Godbless you!

    be blessed jason!!!


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