Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Enjoying the Situation You're In

I must admit, sometimes we like to question God saying why, why have we been put into this situation - it is so uncomfortable, so not needed in our life right now, so time wasting. We always hope for the good coming towards us, and never the bad. We just want the blessings, and not the other stuff.
Aren’t we selfish beings?
In Genesis 13, Abraham and Lot were having an argument so Abraham told Lot that perhaps it’s best to separate.
Lot was given the first choice of where he would like to go. He looked at Jordan Valley which was well watered, so he made his decision to settle there.
Abraham went the opposite direction, and did not complain that Lot had chosen the ‘better’ land.
Lot’s decision is sometimes like ours. Sure, things may be pleasing to the eyes - but the choices we make tend to be human like choices. And by that I mean: our choices are flesh dependant. We feed what our flesh wants, and not really care what our spiritual side wants.
Abraham didn’t complain because he knew that what God had planned for him was far better than the situation he was in. God ended up giving the whole land that Abraham settled in to Abraham and for his generations to come. God promised that he was going to be the father of all nations! Who wouldn’t want a blessing like that?
So today, let us not complain because the situations we are coming across is ‘uncomfortable’, for these are the times that God will bring awesomeness in your life. And let us make our decisions based on the decisions that God wants us to make, and be less reliant on our human flesh to decide what we want to do or what’s most comfortable for us. Let us humble ourselves before God :)


  1. Amen! Instead of asking WHY, know the real meaning of it. WHY when spelled backwards is YHW which stands for Your Holy Will.

  2. awesome. thank Zeb.It reminds me to stand still no matter what happened God has a better plan.

  3. I really love your blog kuya! Lumalakas ako! YES!

  4. Hi,

    Good morning!

    It's all about comfort zone.. it's not that easy to enjoy the situation you're in if it's all pain... if it's all about burdens... but I believe as long as you have this vision of seeing what's beyond the situation, you'll be able to cope up.

    Thanks for posting! it's a great reminder to everyone of us.

    I also had the same sentiment. Here's my post three years ago re: 'why'



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