Saturday, April 7, 2012

I Miss Summer Youth Camp

Almost every churches is having their annual Youth Camp in their respective Christian Organization, this is where they gather all the youth to meet some other Christian Youth where lot's of activities that is in store for the youth participants, and of course a time to reflect and hopefully strengthen their faith to the Lord.

I really miss summer youth camp, where I find new friends sharing the same faith as mine and talking with them as if we know them for so long, and i believe that’s the power of Holy Spirit that you are comfortable enough to talk with them even if you don’t know them that much.
Of course being on fire with the Lord after the camp is really an amazing feeling that we can share to our church mates and even in the community.
But the big test for us being a Christian is that on how far our being “on fire” with the Lord would last?


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  3. I miss youth camps as well.. Its fun and it will surely renew your first love - GOD


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